Is Ortega really like Mayberry RFD?

map1Last year at a Sunday School class, I heard someone refer to Ortega (in Jacksonville, FL) as a little like Mayberry RFD. What they meant was that Ortega really is a small town where everyone knows each other and neighbors  look out the window to keep a watchful eye out for what your kids are up to. Little children have lemonade stands and bake sales (and people stop to buy some!) and there’s a tiny little village with an old time pharmacy and lunch counter (yes, that’s right, a lunch counter!). The pharmacy will even deliver your prescriptions — not too manyof those around!

st marks day schoolFrom many parts of the neighborhood, the kids ride their bikes to school (St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School) and some walk to church (also St. Marks) on Sundays when it’s not too hot. Ortega has everything you might want in an old fashioned neighborhood. Large yards, nice people, kids riding their bikes and local parks where people throw in a fishing pole.

imagesIn an ever changing world, Ortega represents some old fashioned values. In a world of the Blackberry, FedEx, flat screen tv’s and things that go fast, Ortega harkens back to a slower and more friendly pace. Neighbors come by to share the bounty of their fruit trees (oranges, lemons and even a few grapefruits) and bake casseroles for their friends who are sick or have experienced a loss.

The houses in Ortega range from multi-million waterfront homes on Ortega Blvd. to two story brick colonial homes in Ortega Terrace to little wood frame cottages along McGirts Blvd. To see a list of homes for sale in Ortega, click here. There’s something for everyone here so jump on your bike and have a look.

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