The great house hunt – are you analytical or a big picture person?

ANALYZEYou’ve just gotten a great job in Jacksonville, FL and you’re ready to make the move to the largest land mass city in the United States! That’s right, Jacksonville, FL is BIG. Generally speaking, it stretches from Orange Park on the West Side of the city to Ponte Vedra Beach (ocean front) on the East side! There are lots of areas that you might want to consider home including Orange Park, Ortega, Avondale, Riverside, Downtown, San Marco, Deerwood, Deercreek, Jacksonville Golf and Country Club, Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville Beach and Ponte Vedra — whew! That’s a lot to consider!

You’ve surfed the web and decided that you really love the historic district of Avondale and are ready to find your dream home. We all know that finding the perfect place will be a compromise. Sadly, nothing is perfect. I’m not, you’re not and the house you’re going to buy isn’t. So, you WILL have to make trade-offs. What will yours be? One house will have a perfect kitchen and another will have a incredible master bathroom with jacuzzi tub and steam shower. Yet another may have a huge yard and finally there’s the one with the great garage. But guess what? You can’t find ONE HOUSE that has all those features but you’ve still got to find a place to live — so what to do?

Generally speaking, you can change the house but you can’t change the location! This is an important thing to remember when looking for your house. Don’t get too bogged down with trying to find the perfect house — chances are, it’s not out there. Consider the BIG PICTURE and find one that’s close enough and in a great location — you’ll be glad you stopped obsessing and just made a decision! Move in, be happy and move on with your life!

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