Determining the Value of your Home – A Puzzle or a Process?

House PuzzleA CMA is short for a Comparative Market Analysis . We all like to compare – don’t we? It’s human nature. We compare our new laptop to our co-worker’s laptop, our cars to our neighbor’s car, our bodies to other people’s bodies and our houses , well….to our neighbor’s houses. Guess what? We realtors compare your house to other people’s houses too!

 In order to figure out this crazy housing puzzle, we systematically compare your house to ones that have either sold recently or are currently on the market. There are many factors involved in a CMA. There’s 1) square footage 2) lot size 3) number of bedrooms and baths 4) interior improvements (fancy gourmet kitchen or original cabinets with formica countertops) 5) exterior curb appeal (good landscaping counts for a lot) 6) location (busy street or prime street in fancy neighborhood), etc…

If you work with a good realtor who’s been in the business for a while (me), she’s seen a LOT of houses and has a good idea of what’s attractive to buyers. I take the hard facts (closed sales & active competition), add in healthy dose of market knowledge, mix it with a little  intuitive know how and mix it all together to help you solve the puzzle of how to properly position your house in today’s volatile real estate market. A final word… PLEASE listen to me! I do this for a living — all day, every day and I work hard to come up with an accurate opinion of value — so trust my market expertise and let’s price your house so that it will sell!

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