Find Homes for Sale in Jacksonville from your Cellphone!

Get House Price in Jacksonville from your cellphone!FREE SERVICE! Okay, this is something really cool! My business partner Caroline Powell and I are proud to offer our customers a new property search tool that works directly from your cellphone.

Simply text the words myhome to 87778 and the application will be downloaded directly to your cellphone.  

As you are driving through a neighborhood (anywhere in Jacksonville) and see a cute house for sale, you naturally want to know how much it costs – right? Well, now you can get all the information you need directly from your cellphone!

Imagine that you’re sitting outside a house and notice a for sale sign. You want to know how much this house costs and what it looks like on the inside right now! Easy – whip out your cellphone, click on the Smarter Agent icon and search for the property by address (be sure to include the city and state).

The listing will pop up almost instantly and show you everything you want to know. Pictures, square footage, lot size, and PRICE! How cool is that?

Oh, and by the way, it’s FREE!! No cost to you — a complimentary service from the Powell Steilberg Team!

It will also show you other homes for sale nearby so that you can be sure to see  them all. If you decide you like what you see and want to learn more about the house or possibly go have a look, simply press the call to see button and you’ll be patched through directly to us and we’ll schedule an appointment — Easy!

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