The DANGER of Pricing Your Home too High – “Just to See What Happens”

arrow-decline-largeIt’s been a soft market, today’s buyers are super savvy and there is loads of data available to the public. Everyone knows what the house down the street sold for and it’s no secret that your house is overpriced in comparison. 

There’s a term that realtors use called “trailing the market down” which means that if a person prices a home too high in the beginning, they miss the “prime window” that a new listing has to attract buyers. In a declining market, as we’ve had in the last few years, by the time the seller has agreed to reduce the price, the market has fallen more and, once again, the seller’s (reduced price) is too high.  Thus the term, trailing the market down.

If you really want to sell, you must price your house to be competitive with (or below) the other homes listed for sale. Let’s face it, there are a lot to choose from and you’ve got to find a way to make yours stand out. In addition to having a great price, everything has to be in tip top shape. Clean, organized, de-cluttered and nice landscaping are essential. You cannot sell a place that appears to have deferred maintenance ( a realtor’s term for peeling paint, burned out light bulbs, air conditioning grills caked with dust, unsightly clutter and grass that hasn’t been mowed).

If the house is priced too high, buyers know it immediately! They’ve been out there looking and they can sniff out a good deal like a bloodhound! They’re equally good at spotting an overpriced house and will avoid it like the plague. So, do yourself a favor and listen to what we’re telling you. If you overprice your home, you’ll only get in your own way and your house WILL NOT SELL!  Trust us….we know.

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Some GREAT reasons NOT to shop for real estate on FSBO websites!

FSBO sign with bullet holesI recently attended a class where they told real estate agents (like me) that a great place to find potential listings is on For Sale By Owner websites. Afterall, the people who have posted their homes on these sites have publicly declared that they intend to sell their homes, they’ve gone to the time and trouble to “list” the house for sale, established a price, etc…. and (more likely than not) have figured out that people aren’t flocking to their homes for appointments and might be ready to talk with a realtor.

The idea seemed to make sense so this morning, I googled “for sale by owner” websites, pulled up the top three on the search, opened their sites and searched for homes in the zip code 32210.  Guess what — there were only 6  homes listed for sale, the majority of them have only one photo and very limited descriptions of the property. Guess what else? By contrast, there are 99 homes listed for sale on the MLS in zip code 32210. So, would you rather choose from 6 or from 99? The answer seems pretty clear.

Another important point — I quickly noticed several properties that I’m familiar with that have not only sold — they were sold months ago! For example, 2847 Doric Avenue is listed on one site for $315K — this home sold on July 31, 2009 for $275K and yet it’s still listed as actively for sale.

Another example is a home located at 4751 Apache Avenue that’s listed for $452K. This home is not only not for sale by owner, it was listed for a while by ReMax and is now listed with the Fred Miller Group for $375K.

I even saw a home in Murray Hill (1309 Lamboll) that we listed and have now sold. It closed on August 27, 2009 for $162,250. That listing stated the last time the listing was updated was 548 days ago — don’t you know that a lot has changed in the last 548 days!!!

So, it seems pretty clear. If you want the most current information about what’s for sale, how much it costs, where it’s located and other important details, work with a realtor who specializes in the neighborhood where you want to live. Don’t waste your time looking at a very limited selection of properties and chasing down ones have already been sold! And remember….working with a realtor to find a house is FREE!!!

If you register on our website, you can create your OWN search — price, bedrooms, baths, lot size, waterfront or not, etc… and it will not only give you a CURRENT list of properties available but will also send you updates when there are new listings or price changes.

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Thanks for reading – have a great day!