Local Sandwich Shop in Avondale – The Goal Post

goal post photoIf you’re thinking of buying a home in Avondale or Ortega, it’s fun to know where the locals go to eat. There are a few neighborhood “icons” where you’ll be sure to see familiar faces every time you go (note — you WILL see someone you know, so dress accordingly). This does NOT mean dress up, because the GOAL POST is a super casual sandwich shop that doesn’t put much (well, any) emphasis on decor. Located at 3984 Herschel Street in Avondale, the restaurant sits at the corner of where St. John’s Avenue and Herschel Street meet.

The owners, Michael and Eman Kassab, have been serving customers in the area for over thirty years and have a deeply loyal local following. They are always at the counter ready to take your order. It’s a family owned and operated business, so you’ve got Michael taking orders and running the register and other family members cooking, serving and cleaning up.

A few favorites are:
1) “Steak in a Sack” which is a pita bread “sack” stuffed with a combination of ground beef, onions, banana peppers and six different spices, all grilled together. Add lettuce, tomato and mayo and you’ve got a super delicious and satisfying sandwich. It’s the favorite of my son, Joe who often rides his bike to the Goal Post with his buddy Jake on Saturdays to get some lunch.
2) Incredibly delicious french fries – not too thin and not too thick, these fries are perfectly salted and are just the best!
3) The Camel Rider – Ham, Tabbouleh, Tomatoes and Onions – second most popular after steak in a sack!
4) The Veggie – Tabbouleh, Cheese (among other things) is Outstanding

goal post owner
Michael Kassab - Owner of The Goal Post

So, like the Cheers song says, “…. Sometimes you want to go –  where everybody knows your name… and they’re always glad you came” ….. If you go to The Goal Post, you’ll be glad you came…and so will they!

The service is generally pretty quick but if you’re in a real rush or want to order your lunch to go, you can call ahead at 904-384-9262. Oh, and one VERY IMPORTANT NOTE. They are only open for lunch and close every day at 2PM!

When you’ve finished lunch, you might go take a look at a super cute new listing at 1749 Canterbury Street that’s just around the corner. Listed a few days ago, the 3BR/2BA home has 1,528 SF with a one car garage, updated kitchen and nice backyard. Priced at $262,500, or $171 per square foot, it’s within walking distance of the GOAL POST. To see the complete listing information about this house, click here.

Thanks for reading — join me again soon for another Avondale, Ortega or Riverside adventure!

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