New Listing on Great Street in Avondale!

frontSometimes a really great deal comes along and, if you happen to be one of my lucky readers, you’ll be among the first to know about it!

This week we listed a little bungalow on what many consider to be one of Avondale’s best streets, Richmond Street. The property is directly across the street from the river (3629 Richmond Street), there is very little traffic here and it’s a real neighborhood where the people are super friendly.

Although the house looks cute from the street, it does have serious issues and we priced it for land value.  The lot is large at 73 x 130 and the asking price is $359K.

The house has mostly aluminum windows and a large portion of it is concrete block neither of which are historic features. Because the house is located in a historic district, however, it may or may not be able to be torn down. One of the biggest issues is that the house is pushed up against the very back of the lot line leaving zero backyard.

 I received the following list from the director of RAP (Riverside Avondale Preservation) that details the criteria that will be considered as part of the demolition evaluation.

307.106 (n)   In considering an application for certificate of appropriateness for demolition, the Commission shall consider the applicable Historic District Design Regulations, if any, and the following additional criteria:

(1)   The historic or architectural significance of the building or structure;

(2)   The importance of the building or structure to the ambiance of the historic district;

(3)   The difficulty or the impossibility of reproducing such a building or structure because of its design, texture, material, detail or unique location;

(4)   Whether the building or structure is one of the last remaining examples of its kind in the neighborhood, the County or the region;

(5)   Whether there are definite plans for reuse of the property if the proposed demolition is carried out, and what effect of those plans on the character of the surrounding area would be;

(6)   The difficulty or the impossibility of saving the building or structure from collapse;

(7)   Whether the building or structure is capable of earning reasonable economic return on its value;

(8)   Whether there are other feasible alternatives to demolition;

(9)   Whether the property no longer contributes to an historic district or no longer has significance as an historic, architectural or archaeological landmark; and

(10)   Whether it would be undue economic hardship to deny the property owner the right to demolish the building or structure.

We feel that the house meets many of these criteria but the potential buyer of this property will either need to wait to see what happens with the current owner’s demolition permit or take on the task themselves. It is being sold as-is meaning no repairs will be made. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for another adventure in Avondale, Ortega or Riverside! See you next time!

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