Open House Attendance Way Up!

3 balls with a smileyGood News! We had an open house today at two of our listings today. One at 1837 Ingleside Avenue and another at 4834 Arapahoe Avenue and they were busy!

Back when the market was strong, attendance at open house was strong too. The market was bustling with activity. Buyers were out looking for a house to buy, sellers were out looking to see what the competition was and realtors were out looking for a house for their customers.

Then, the market stopped. Over the last year at our open houses, we’ve been lucky to have one or two people stop by but they were probably just walking by with their dog — certainly not making a deliberate point to come and see this particular house.  The level of traffic we had today (and over the last few weeks as well) indicates that the market is beginning to “buzz” again.  We don’t know if it’s pent up demand or the fact that people always have had to (and will continue to need to) move around but there is definately a new energy around our open houses lately.

Several of the people who came by today would be perfect buyers for these houses. One couple has children in a school nearby, others have just relocated here from another state (and they’ve sold their house!), another is in a house that they feel is too small and yet another has just had a baby and is looking for a larger home. So, all in all, there were lots of potential prospects.

So, the message is good. The people are out looking again. We hope that lookers will become buyers and that this could be the beginning of something good. I’ll keep you posted!

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