Saturday, October 31st, 2009 – Turn Your Clocks BACK!

daylight-savings-timeWhew – we finally get to have an extra hour of sleep! I’ve been waiting for this since I “lost” an hour of sleep in the spring! Everyone has a different opinion of  daylight savings time. Some people love the “spring” clock where we have dark mornings and long days and others like to wake up with the sun and don’t mind an “early” evening.

I live on the St. John’s river in Ortega and we have SPECTACULAR sunsets — I need to get my camera out and snap some photos. The deep oranges and pinkssunset that are created as the sun sets over the river are nothing short of majestic. Feel free to stop by and watch the sun set with me sometime – and bring your camera! 

How about you? Do you like the “spring” schedule or the “fall” schedule? Let me know what your preferences are — I’d love to know.

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