Where is the Avondale Post Office? A MOST Unlikely Place!

st johns food storeI’ve lived in some big cities like Atlanta and Miami where you have access to every service you can possibly imagine. In addition to being available, they are generally plentiful and easy to access — there are gas stations on every corner, multiple grocery stores within a neighborhood, lots of fitness centers and easy to find post offices!

What I’ve discovered about Jacksonville, is that most of the services people need are here, you just have to dig a little harder to find them!

The United States Post Office in Avondale is just such a place. Most people wouldn’t think of looking for a regulation post office inside a convenience store but hidden inside the St. John’s Food Store (in the same shopping center as The Goal Post sandwich shop that I wrote about in an earlier post) at the intersection of St. John’s Avenue and Herschel, there is a tiny (but regulation) post office!  

Open from 9am – 4pm M-F and from 9am – Noon on Saturday, you can buy stamps, send certifiedavondale post office mail and ship packages. The best part, however, is that there is never a line! Most “traditional” post offices that I go to are always packed and even if you just want to do something simple like buy a few stamps, you wait FOREVER!

So, maybe there’s something to be said for an unassuming (nearly hidden) post office that only the locals know about — there ARE benefits to being “in the know”. The address is 3980 Herschel Street  and the phone number there is 389-6433.

While you’re in the post office, you can pick up a lottery ticket, a cup of hot coffee, a little candy for the kids or some of the many other things that the owner stocks in his store.

Thanks for reading, please join me again for my next adventure in the Avondale, Riverside and Ortega neighborhoods.