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extra-extraIn case you’re wondering who has the latest and greatest news — it’s often a realtor who specializes in your local area market. I often know about a house that’s getting ready to come on the market, a house whose price is getting ready to be reduced or about programs that lenders are getting ready to roll out that could save you a lot of money.

You might say that I have a lot of insider information. So…if you’re the kind of person who likes to know about it before it happens, then give me a call and I’ll be certain that as soon as I know it, you will too!

If you’re a loyal reader of mine (which I hope you are!) then you’ll know that I specialize in the Avondale, Ortega and Riverside neighborhoods of Jacksonville. Please join me for my next adventure in these very special neighborhoods of Jacksonville!

Great Article On Expanded Tax Credit for Homebuyers – EASY to Read!

imagesSandra Block of USA Today has written an informative and easy to read article about the new and expanded version of the tax credit for homebuyers. Note that you can purchase a home up to $800K and that your maximum income (modified adjusted gross income) if you’re single can be $125K and $225K if you’re married filing jointly. You cannot use the credit to buy a vacation home but you do not have to sell your current home in order to take advantage of the credit. However, if you were to do that, your first home would no longer qualify for tax breaks associated with a primary residence. To read the full article about the expanded tax credit, click here.

An important first step in the homebuying process is to determine how much you can afford to buy. Jamie Zeitz, with Gibraltar Mortgage (an affiliate of Wells Fargo) is an excellent resource. With a quick phone call, he can get you pre-qualified and you’ll be in an excellent position to snag one of the many great opportunities in the Jacksonville real estate market today. Click here to see Jamie’s web page and to get his contact information. Jamie is easy to work with and very thorough. He also takes the time to explain things so that you can fully understand the loan process.

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