4426 iroquoisWhen I noticed this foreclosure listing in my neighborhood of Ortega yesterday, I dashed over there to have a look. It’s a darling little bungalow of about 1,500 SF on a nice lot in Ortega. The house has wood floors, a fireplace, a one car garage, small family room and relatively new air conditioner (dated 2005). The windows have been replaced and the roof appears to be newer as well. The kitchen is just okay — not original — but not with all the bells and whistles of today. The price of $149K puts this house below $100 a square foot.

I checked to see if there have been any other homes in Ortega that have sold for less than $100 per square foot in the last year. There’s a short sale that’s currently under contract whose list price was only $74 per square foot but that’s it — so this seems to be a great deal.

The great news / bad news is that there’s a HUGE and GORGEOUS oak tree just outside the front door. I cannot imagine cutting down such an immense and beautiful tree but at the same time, it nearly dwarfs the house. The roots from the tree have substantially lifted the driveway so if you’re interested in this house, I think it would be reasonable to have the foundation checked to see if the tree has had any impact.

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