Whiteway Delicastessen – Great Sandwiches for those “In The Know”

sammy whiteway
Sammy Salem - Whiteway Deli Owner

When we moved to Jacksonville, FL one of the FIRST places I was taken by my new neighbor, Gina Donahoo, was Whiteway Deli. Gina said  it’s a local “institution” with the BEST sandwiches – so off we went and I quickly became a Whiteway devotee.

A favorite among Avondale,  Ortega and Riverside locals, Whiteway is a place where you’ll ALWAYS see tons of people you know and consistently get great food.

Served inside pita pockets, most of the sandwiches feature tabouli which has Middle Eastern origins. It’s made with parsley, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, cracked wheat, lemon juice and olive oil – delicious!

Many of the sandwiches are named for locals. The Anne Beard, for example, has turkey, tabouli, feta cheese, banana peppers and Italian dressing and is one of the best sellers. Wrapped in old fashioned “deli paper” the sandwiches have timeless appeal.

A breakfast favorite is the Emmet special.  Named for Judge Emmet Ferguson the dish is an egg white omelet with bacon and tabouli served in (you guessed it) a pita pocket.

Whiteway Deli is a family business that’s owned and operated by Sammy Salem. He has taken over daily operation of the place that his father bought in 1962 but that was opened in 1927 — you can bet there aren’t too many restaurants with that kind of longevity. The restaurant is now proud to count second and third generations of the same families among their loyal customers.

Open only for breakfast and lunch, the hours of operation are 7am – 3pm Monday – Friday. Get there early if you want to go for lunch because the line gets long. If you’re in a hurry, call your order in ahead of time at 904-389-0355. If you have time to sit down, the address is 1237 King Street.whiteway exterior

A favorite of the doctors and nurses from nearby St. Vincent’s Hospital, local businessmen, ladies who lunch and area old timers — nearly everyone names Whiteway as a local gem.

Thanks for reading — if you have a favorite place in the Avondale, Ortega or Riverside neighborhoods that you’d like me to blog about, please send me a note!

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