2009 – Number of Sales Increases by 38% in Riverside

2008 vs 2009 graphThe number of homes sold in Riverside in 2009 has increased 38%. In 2008, there were 34 single family home sales and so far in 2009 there have been 47 closed sales. That’s an increase of 38% – Wow!

In Avondale, the numbers are nearly even with 2008. There were 100 closed sales in Avondale in 2008 and there have been 104 so far this year for a net increase of 4%.

The numbers in Ortega are not as good. In 2008, there were 57 closed sales and so far this year, there have only been 46 for a net DECREASE of 19%.

Another important piece of the picture is to take a look at the total dollar volume of these sales for each neighborhood. Riverside had a nice increase in the number of units sold but the total dollar volume of these sales went down by 4%. So…more houses were sold for less money.
Avondale has a similar story with a net increase of 4% on number of units sold but the total dollar volume for these sales is off 5% so, again, more units (houses) were sold but for less money.Total Dollar Volume Sales 2008 vs 2009

Ortega decreased in both the number of houses sold and the dollar volume of those sales. The number of houses sold is off by 19% from 2008 and the total dollar volume is off a whopping 32%! The graph to the right illustrates these statistics.

That’s all for today — thanks for reading — please join me for my next installment of what’s happening in
Avondale, Ortega and Riverside real estate.

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