Where Can You Buy Great Toys in Jacksonville, FL?

green alligatorLooking for the perfect gift for a little one on your Christmas list? Look no further than a fabulous toy store in The Shoppes of Avondale called The Green Alligator. Brainchild of owner Sandi White, The Green Alligator opened in April 2008 and has been a smashing success from day one. So successul, in fact, that they’ve just opened a second store in Ponte Vedra — just in time for Christmas.

Located at 3581 St. John’s Avenue, the Avondale store is open seven days a week and is chock full of the latest and greatest toys of the season. This year, Sandi says that a few of the HOT toys are the Wobble Board which is a balance and agility game or anything from OGO Sports which are large discs that look a little like mini trampolines. They can be used as frisbees or to play “tennis” of sorts. There’s also a new type of puzzle called WasGig (Jigsaw spelled backwards) where you put the puzzle together from the perspective of a person who’s looking back at you. I know — a little confusing. Do NOT try to do this while drinking wine!

They also have a fabulous game called Banana Grams which is a bit like scrabble but without the board. Instead of building on another players words, you create words with your own letters. The winner is the one who uses all of their letters to make “connected” words and there are no tiles left in the “bone pile” in the middle of the table. We played this game for hours on end over Thanksgiving and it was great!

Sandi will be glad to help you find something for your Christmas list but will also be there year round to help you find birthday gifts for the many children that live in Avondale,Ortega and Riverside.

Thanks for reading. Please join me for my next installment of great places to go in the Avondale, Ortega and Riverside neighborhoods of Jacksonville.

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