Tighten Your Belt – Get Your Shoes Repaired instead of Buying New!

Tight budgeting. Upright money.If you’ve bought a house in Avondale or Ortega and you’re wondering where to get your shoes repaired, take a quick drive out Edgewood Avenue into Murray Hill and you’ll find Edgewood Shoe Repair and Momni (Mom and I) Alteration shop located at 1022 Edgewood Avenue S.edgewood shoe repair

In May 2009, Joy Lee and her uncle Ho Jin bought the shoe repair shop from longtime cobbler Kevin Roberts who had been fixing people’s shoes at 1144 Edgewood Avenue for over 15 years.

Ho Jin recently moved to the United States with the intent of sending his children to school here and finding a business to buy. Good with his hands and with some experience as a cobbler in Korea, he “apprenticed” under Mr. Roberts for several months prior to buying the business.

The decision to move across the street was easy as Joy Lee already owned the building at 1022 Edgewood Avenue. She bought it in January 2006 and started a renovation project that took about a year. In January 2007, she leased the space to Sisters Restaurant who occupied the space for about two years. By the time they moved out, she and her uncle were looking for a business to buy, decided to purchase Mr. Roberts shoe repair business and moved it across the street to 1022 Edgewood.

I’ve had several pairs of shoes re-soled and other shoes repaired and they’ve done a great job — their shop is convenient, the quality good and the service friendly.

While you’re in Murray Hill, you might want to drive by this darling house located at 4625 Sappho Avenue. All brick with tall ceilings, a two car garage and located across the street from a beautiful park, this house is a great buy! If you’d like to go take a look just give me a call and we’ll schedule the appointment.

Thanks for reading — join me for my next discussion of things happening in the Avondale, Ortega and Riverside neighborhoods.




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