Demolition Permit Granted!

CIMG1222My partner, Caroline Powell and I have a listing at 3629 Richmond Street ($359,000) that’s listed on the register of historic homes by the city of Jacksonville. For those of you reading this who live in Avondale, you know that the Jacksonville Historic Commission and RAP (Riverside Avondale Preservation) have very strict guidelines about what type of repairs/renovations can be made to a property and also very strict guidelines about demolishing property in the historic district.

We advised the owner of the house when we took the listing that his property is worth more as a buildable lot than with the house on it and suggested that he look into permission to have the structure torn down.

The significant issue with the existing structure is that it abuts the rear property line — the house literally sits just a few feet from the rear property line. The photo makes the house look like it has more promise than it really does. The interior would need signifcant updating and it has a bad floor plan that would be difficult to address. Even if someone was willing to take the time and money to renovate the house, you’d still be left with the fact that the house abuts the rear property line.

Caroline and I attended the Historic Commission Meeting on December 9th, 2009 and spoke on behalf of the owner who is ill and could not attend. To our surprise, permission was granted to have the structure torn down.

A purchaser of this property is not REQUIRED to tear this house down. They could build a “main” house in front of it and retain the structure that’s there as a guest house but if one desires, the option is now available to demolish and rebuild.

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