13 Houses in Jacksonville UNDER $100 per Square Foot

Deal On Donald Street
Deal On Donald Street

If you’re out there looking for great deals in the Jacksonville real estate market, I’ve identified a few that could be just what you’re looking for.  Many of them are either short sales or foreclosures but there are a few on the list that are “normal” transactions. Short sales can be difficult because banks take so long to make a decison — you can be left hanging for months and months and then never even get the house afterall. Foreclosures are better because the bank already owns the property and is better positioned to dispose of the property. Best of all, are properties that are still owned by the seller. If a house is priced well and not distressed, it should be an easy transaction — when you see one of these, you should jump on it!

The houses on this list are priced from $97K to $389K and they range in condition from totally renovated to in need of some serious tender loving care. The thing that makes them stand out is that they’re priced either at or just below $100.00 per square foot!

Take a look at the list of these great deals and if you see something that might work for you, please give me a call!

Thanks for reading, if you’re looking for great deals in Avondale, Ortega or Riverside, consult with a specialist in the area — me!