When a House is a Home – Happy Valentine’s Day!

home is where the heart isRemember back when you thought of your house as just that — your house?

You didn’t worry about it’s value day in and day out and you weren’t obsessed with the latest sales data and market statistics. You thought of your house as your home and all the old fashioned values that came with it.

A home was a place to bring babies home, where you got your first puppy, where you planted a  tree or created a garden, where you had fun dinner parties, talked for hours on the phone, cooked meals with your family, did piles of laundry or watched your toddler take her first steps.

 Home is a place for memories — Home is Where The Heart Is.

So, this Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to take a break from tracking real estate values, take a moment to enjoy your home for just what it is — shelter and a place to create memories. Thanks.newborn baby


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