Prime Waterfront Parcel FINALLY gets snapped up!

woodmere waterfrontBack in September 2009 (nearly 7 months ago), I noticed an amazing price reduction on a fantastic piece of waterfront property on Woodmere Road which runs between Avondale and Ortega.

The price of the land had gone from over a million to the 900’s and when I wrote about it (see that post here) , it had been dropped to $675K. I thought it was a great deal at $675K but apparently the general public didn’t agree and the land has remained available until just a few days ago.

Last week the price got dropped AGAIN, this time to $549K and apparently that finally caused someone to pull the trigger and the parcel is now under contract.

WOW! What  a Deal! A buildable waterfront lot in a great neighborhood for only $549K — that, folks, was a deal! Stay tuned and I’ll lewt you know what it closed for.

To see the full listing for the property, click here. There is a house on the property, but I walked through it and don’t see any redeeming value — let’s see what the buyer does.

Thanks for reading – please join me for my next report on the state of real estate in Avondale, Ortega and Riverside.

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