The Importance of Communication in a Real Estate Relationship

about_usDo you ever see a friend in the grocery store that you’ve been meaning to call and just haven’t gotten around to it? You feel TERRIBLE and want that friend to know that you REALLY have been thinking about them.  You’ve MEANT to call almost every day but by the time you remember to call, the day is almost over and it just didn’t happen.

Unfortunately, the life of a realtor is often the same. We mean to call each and every one of our buyers and sellers every day.  The truth is that we DO think about you all the time.  Almost every day we say, we REALLY need to call (….).  But in the interim, life happens. Busy with getting a new listing photographed, negotiating a offer on a listing, attending an inspection, creating a flyer for your open house on Sunday, researching what the proper price of the house you want might be, searching through active listings for what we’re going to show you or calling to schedule showing appointments keep us from sittting down to check in and just say hello.

The realtor is the middle man. It’s through us that you learn “what’s going on”.  How did the showing go? What did the buyer think of my house? Do you think I’ll get an offer? Have you seen anything new on the market? What do you think we should offer on this house that we love? We’ve received an offer way below our asking price — should we make a counter-offer or just not respond? Have you heard anything from the bank on our short sale offer?

Despite knowing that the MOST important thing we can do is STAY IN TOUCH, it’s one thing that can be the most difficult to do. Please know that even if you don’t hear from us, we ARE thinking of you nearly every minute of every day — REALLY. And…..if we don’t call you — CALL US! We love to hear from you. Thanks!

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