The Avondale & Ortega “Little Black Book of Real Estate” Join today – for FREE!


Ever think about selling your house but not sure you’re quite ready? There’s lots of unfinished business to attend to – update the kitchen, spruce up the landscaping, switch out a few appliances, get dated wallpaper taken down….the list could go on and on. You’re stuck in the analysis/paralysis stage of wondering what your house is worth, feeling daunted by all the things you should do….

What if we told you we’ve got someone looking for a house just like yours! And…….you don’t have to endure keeping it picked up every day, costly updates AND you get to remain in control — and show your house only when you want to?

What if we can bring a qualified buyer directly to your door and voila – you’re ready to move on – no scurrying around and no stress. Sounds pretty good – right?

Let us add you to our little black book of real estate for Avondale and Ortega and we’ll be on the lookout. No pressure, no stress — just quietly let us know you’re out there.

Buyers…..we want you too — casually looking for something but not ready to go “all out” in your search? If just the right house came on the market, you’d certainly be interested but not quite ready to start the search? Tell us what your dream house is and we’ll get to work trying to find it! We know a LOT of people in the neighborhood and are often privy to things that aren’t public just yet.

So….take advantage of our insider’s edge – for buyers AND sellers – send us an email (or text us) and join our Litttle Black Book of Real Estate for Avondale, Ortega and Riverside. PRIVACY GUARANTEED — one of the cornerstone’s of our business is confidentiality. We’ll schedule a private consultation where we’ll take down the details about your home (or what you hope to find), talk about what we think a fair market value might be (or what we think you might have to pay) and when we have someone in the market looking for a house like yours (or someone thinking of selling) – we’ll make the connection!

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